WINDOWS 7 USERS, You do not have to upgrade yet, you have until January of 2020.
Windows 8 and 8.1 Users, if you hate 8, then move on to 10, but you can wait until 2023. 

Well folks, its time to let XP and VISTA go. Microsoft no longer supports XP and Windows VISTA and the majority of software and hardware manufacturers are no longer supporting it. If your old XP or VISTA system is a 2008 or later, and you want to get a few more miles (years) out of it, then call us and we will see what it would take to upgrade your old Windows XP system to a Windows 7 System.  Average cost for an upgrade is under $300, all new parts are covered for 2 years, and Windows 7 will be supported thru the year 2020 giving your old XP or VISTA system longer use. However, this is for a limited time only!
Windows 7 and 8/8.1 users with slow Laptops or Towers. With a Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) and some more memory, you can speed up your system and give yourself another 3 years on your old computer. Average upgrade price is around $190. (Some rates will be higher depending on the size of the SSD drive and the amount of Data needing to backed up or transferred.) 
XP is not supported. Support was ended on April 8, 2014.
THIS ALSO INCLUDES OFFICE 2003 and Outlook Express/Windows LIVE Mail

Check out our VETT system.  Get a new system starting at $449.99For a limited time Rivenwood still can build you our low cost VETT tower with the new Windows Ten. The VETT comes with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY!  Need files copied over to the new system?  No problem for $75.00 we will transfer all your data to the new system!  Questions??  Just call 636-356-0023.
AVG is now AVAST
For all of our AVG users there will be changes coming due to AVAST acquiring AVG. Please do not worry. AVAST is an excellent anti-virus and your CloudCare based protection will role over to the new AVAST program and you will continue to have the same great protection as before. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us.


 Be advised that an alert (showing) you are infected by a virus or malware has been popping up on many browsers, like Internet Explorer / Fire-Fox, and Chrome. There will be a 1-800 number claiming to be Microsoft or a software company working for Microsoft. DO NOT CALL THAT NUMBER!!
Simply close the browser and run a malware scan with a program like Malwarebytes or contact us immediately at (636) 356-0023. In most cases you clicked on an AD that is on an unsecured Website. As long as you do not follow up with them, you should be "OK." However, you still might want to be checked out.
Other software that claims to be good but are not real Anti-virus / Malware removers can be identified as:
Advance Virus Remover
Advance Windows System Security
Advance Windows Security
Anti-Malware Pro
Anti-Malware Doctor
Antispyware Soft
Antivirus Systems Pro
Antivirus Security Pro
Antivirus Security Pro
ARG Antivirus
Antivirus Live
Antivirus 8
AV Green
AV 2012
Best Antivirus
Cyber Security
Crypto Locker----DANGEROUS!!
Crypto Wall (various versions)-----VERY DANGEROUS!!
Desktop Defender Pro
FBI Malware Warning
Justice Department
Internet Anti-virus
Internet Shield
Internet Security 2017
Malware Defender
Malware Defense
My Security Shield
Personal Anti-Virus
Personal Internet Anti-Virus
Personal Internet Security
Personal Security
PC Live Guard
Security Tool
System Tools
Think Point All in One Security
Vista Internet Security
Vista Home Security
Windows Defender Pro
Windows Police Pro
Windows Power Expansion
Windows Recovery
Win Antivirus 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,2017
Win7 Antispyware 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,2017
Windows 7 Home Security 2014 - 2017
XP Anti Virus
XP Internet Security 2015 or 2016
XP Home Security 2015 or 2016
Other names will and can be used. These Rogue, Ransom programs and fake alerts can come through web-mail email (outlook, outlook express) Internet Explorer, extended searches using a search engine, social network sites, and links. Do not click on advertisements that say "free scan", or you maybe infected. Other rogue programs can be downloaded by unprotected sites with other programs or files such as videos, music, or games. Check to verify if the site is legitimate by searching the site through a search engine. A standard rule of thumb is: "Nothing is free", and if it sounds too good, then it's not good.
!!NOTICE!!   When backing up your data with an eternal device such as a hard drive, flash drive, or mapped drive. You must disconnect after backup, or at least make a backup that is not physically connected to your computer! The ransom-ware malware can jump to any connected device and encrypt them. Your backup will be lost!
We highly advise the use of Mozilla Firefox for all internet usage. Firefox is much safer and secure than IE8, 9, 10 or version 11. We do not recommend CHROME. Although the chrome browser can be good, just be advised that it does enable all social media connected to it and it does continue to eat up valuable system resources even when not in use. Remember, Chrome is Google, and Google is a for profit company.
To enhance your security we advise getting an anti-virus and anti-malware program. Rivenwood recommends AVAST and Malwarebytes. AVAST uses a browser security program called web shield that scans websites for malicious content and Malwarebytes can keep you from going to any potential dangerous website. If you believe you have contracted any of these bogus programs please call us at: 1-636-356-0023.

 FireFox can be downloaded at: www.firefox.com